Sunday, May 16, 2010


Thanks to all who came to our May meeting. It was a small gathering, but the food was great and so was the conversation.

It was fun to learn about the man behind the controversial theory of evolution. Whether you believe that humans evolved from animals or not, you can't help but agree that Darwin is a fascinating man. I loved learning about what a kind and sensitive husband and father he was. What a good and caring person.

Getting to know him through this biography has helped me feel a kinship with him. I'm glad to understand him better. I loved learning about his devoted relationship with his wife. It is interesting to learn that though his theories deeply upset her and her devout Christian sensibilities, they didn't let it divide them. He remained supportive of her faith and they continued in their love and marriage to one another.

Another great selection. Thanks for suggesting it, Jessica! I would likely never have picked up this book otherwise, and I am so glad I read (well, to be honest, am still currently reading) it.

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