Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Great Divorce Discussion

A big thanks to all who came to our discussion of the great divorce. And to Maren who hosted and fed us.

I just wanted to post a few quotes that were brought up in the discussion.

"Hell is a state of mind... But Heaven is not a state of mind. Heaven is reality itself. All that is fully real is Heavenly. For all that can be shaken will be shaken and only the unshakeable remains."

"Ye cannot fully understand the relations of Choice and Time till you are beyond both."

"There are only 2 kinds of people in the end: Those who say to God 'Thy will be done.' and those to whom God says in the end 'Thy will be done.'. All that are in Hell choose it."

"For to be afraid of oneself is the last horror."

"Brass is mistaken for gold more easily than clay is."

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