Saturday, November 14, 2009

Manifesto and Bylaws

Our dissatisfaction with our local neighborhood-affiliated book clubs has reached its peak.

As book lovers we hereby declare that no longer will we endure inane conversation about bland books.

We believe that reading should be challenging, educational, enjoyable, enriching, uplifting, and inspiring.

We have a vision of a book club that promotes just such a reading experience.

We commit ourselves to reading books that are intelligent and well written; books that make you think as well as feel. We want to read and discuss books that actually warrant discussion. Books that are provocative, thoughtful, insightful, as well as fun.

The Book Club Dropouts is a place for disgruntled bibliophiles to gather and share in their love of books and their malcontent with the average neighborhood book club.

Members of the Book Club Dropouts agree to adhere to the following:
  1. Read the book. This is a group for people who read, not just people who want to eat refreshments and socialize (although there will be plenty of that). There will be no synopsis telling at meetings. If you want to be in a book club that doesn't require previous completion of the selected book, then go to your neighborhood book club.
  2. Accept that all members may not agree on a month's reading selection. If a member does not want to read a particular selection, then that member can uninvite themselves from that month's gathering. However, said member is encouraged to read it anyway. They may in fact end up enjoying the book, and if not, at least they could contribute to the discussion by providing an interesting counterpoint.
  3. Come prepared to discuss beyond the "I liked/didn't like it" and the "I liked the part where _____" type of conversations.
  4. Refuse to read the current year's Richard Paul Evans release.
  5. Eliminate all home decor licensed by Thomas Kinkade.
  6. Respectfully hear all opinions, rather than talking over any that oppose your own, Sean Hannity-style.
If you are disappointed with your local book group, you can lobby for membership into our invitation-only book club by demonstrating wit and intelligence in a comment on this blog. We look forward to hearing from you.


  1. While my wit and intelligence may in fact have peaked in my ability to leave a comment on this blog, while I've never belonged to a neighborhood book club and henceforth cannot be truthfully labeled a book club dropout, and while I admit to having previously hung a Thomas Kinkade print in my home but shamefully removed it sometime within the last twelve months, I respectfully request admittance into your admirable organization.

  2. I have never read a Richard Paul Evans book nor is the "painter of light" allowed in my home. They both make my soul burn (as does Sean Hannity). I would like to request membership in this delightful endeavor.

    P.S. I have a sophisticated palate so fabulous goodies are a must. bwahahahaha.

  3. Seeing as how my neighborhood book club is reading Glenn Beck's "The Christmas Sweater", I might opt for the Bookclub Dropout alternative. Because...well, the "because" should be obvious to this crowd. I just couldn't face myself in the morning with that kind of balderdash on my nightstand.

  4. I had to look up who Thomas Kinkade is, so thankfully I won't need to remove any of his work to be admitted into the club.

    But I have a confession to make. I love Richard Paul Evans... not because I read his books (never have), but because he is my go to author for my mother-in-law. His newest Christmas book is always on her Christmas list... What can I say, I like easy Christmas presents.

    So, to solve this issue, I'll make sure that I don't invite her to bookclub and I'll continue to leave his books off MY wish list. Does that work??

  5. Brooke,

    I survived my teenage years with a mother who proudly displayed her signed copy of "The Christmas Box" by our beloved RPE. You are not guilty by association even though you are supporting his habit.

    When I read the Manifesto to her(my mother)I could see her dissapointment in me as if I'd fallen from grace somehow!

    Did you know Richard Paul Evans has Tourettes?

  6. Sorry about my completely random thought about Tourettes! Of course, I blame my current cold medicine and a whiney 2 year old constantly tugging on my arm while I type.

    I still think it's fabulous that Richard Paul Evans has Tourettes, though. He told Glenn Beck in an interview that one of his impulses is to spit famous people in the face.

    Simply fabulous!

  7. That's funny. I don't have Tourettes, but sometimes when I see Glenn Beck on TV, I get that same impulse. I guess RPE and I have something in common. Go figure.

    This is the one time I wished I lived in Utah. I would love to be a part of Book Club Dropouts. It sounds fabulous. If you ever consider starting BCD chapters, please consider Washington DC.

    Can't wait to read along with your book club picks!

  8. Brooke- I have no idea who Thomas Kinkade is either! I'm a little intimidated by this book club but I am excited to be a part of it! I feel honored to be invited! So do I have to quit my other book club?!? ;) I still like mine!

  9. I didn't have any wit or intelligence in my last comment. Or in this one for that matter. Can I still be a part of this book club?

  10. I have to agree with the above post, I am also lacking in wit and intelligence but would love to be part of this book club. I cannot make it tonight, but can I still join? As for Thomas Kincade, I can honestly say never owned anything by him and also never knew that my mom had a signed copy of The Christmas Box by RPE until Jenn posted that. See? I meet some of the criteria already. Love this idea whoever thought of it...